do you like bdsm and how do i get into it

Mmm, yes, I do. Well, do you enjoy taking control/giving pain or losing your control/receiving pain?

Do you like that your famous and people watch everything you write everywhere and probably everything you do in real life haha

I think some people take it to extremes.

The Triple Goddess revealed herself to me in the moon tonight, and it was so powerful.
I will always and forever be a child of the moon. ))O((


Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Kale Pizza

First, I would like to say goddamn I feel sorry for you simply because everyone always bombards you with /r/ for nudes and shit. now for my question. If you could go ANYWHERE, where would you go? random as shit question because WHY THE FUCK NOT?

The amount of requests I receive daily to post links to my porn work and/or nudes is ridiculous.
And I have a nomadic soul; I want to spend my life traveling anywhere and everywhere. Flowy hair, bare feet, truly appreciating what nature has to offer and experiencing various cultures. My first stop would be Greenland to admire the Northern Lights.

Yay or nay is it hot for a guy to want to give oral and not expect it

Hot, absolutely. It is always nice to make the other person feel special and not ask for anything in return. If the person NEVER returns the favor, however, then that is selfish.


I just want to be naked and dance in the sun then collapse in a long grassy wildflower meadow and nap all afternoon

Nature will one day reclaim the earth.

Nature will one day reclaim the earth.